Answers to Frequently Asked Questions


General FAQ’s

I'm very successful and I feel good, but I know there is something going on? Can you still work with me even though I don't know what's wrong?
Are you a therapist?
I'm already a nice person. What does it mean to be kind, aren't these the same thing?
How do I know when I'm better/ kinder?


Coaching FAQ’s

How long does it take for me to feel the results of your work? How many sessions do I need with you?
Are there ways I can practice at home if in person meetings do not work for me? i.e. a workbook, audio guide, etc...
Where can I get more information about your Somatic Coaching and your other work?
I do not live in California. How can I get an appointment with you despite the distance?
What other services do you provide that can give me the healing effects of a coaching session with you?
I do not have children. Is Somatic Experiencing for me?
Can you decide to NOT work with me?
What if I realize that Somatic Coaching isn't for me? Is there a refund policy?
Are there kinds of people that you feel Somatic Coaching does NOT work for?
What if I'm not ready for coaching? Are there other ways we can work together?


Thought Monster FAQ’s

My child draws a lot of thought monsters. Can I send them to you for your feedback or advice?


Products, Books, and App FAQ’s

What is a Kind Card?
I would like to sell your book. How can I do that?
I would like to distribute your material in my school, how do I do that?
What devices are your Tame Your Thought Monster apps compatible with?

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