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Parents & Families

Parents who’ve taken my classes or worked with me one on one or with their child.

“My son and I worked with Katie for about a year and she introduced me to so many phenomenal ideas & tools. Her guidance has helped me become a better mom and to have more patience with myself and others. The process definitely works and takes a commitment to yourself, which I think we all need to do a little more for ourselves. The tools are simple and you learn not to judge yourself along the way. It has been amazing to watch myself in this process. I have learned that my life is controlled by what I choose to believe. I use the tools every day and my life will never be the same.”

~ Allison Tannehill

“Connor and I have a better basis of communication now. He has also started to recognize his strengths and take pride in them. He commented that working with Katie was a lot more fun than he thought and said, “I like Ms. Katie!” Katie shared an insight with me about my own childhood that blew my mind. In all my years of being coached, I’ve never recognized or connected to my current belief system. I understand myself and my son so much better now. I definitely recommend Katie and her services, both as a coach for children and their moms who are having difficulty coping with this overwhelming world of ours. I was shocked that Katie was able to cut to the chase so quickly and support myself and my son so deeply after such a short period of time. I so appreciate Katie, her clarity, intuition, the ability to speak to my son in a way that he felt safe and able to share, and the way she has of connecting all the dots. Her Thought Monster concept and book are so helpful too. Both my son (who is 8) and I, read through each lesson right before meeting with Katie and to have the book as a tool and her coaching right after was wonderful. I teach yoga to kids so I know that every session requires flexibility and an amazing bag of tricks and tools depending on where the child is that week. Katie was able to do this with ease.”

~ Kelly & Connor

“Just wanted to let you know I’m hearing glowing reports over here about your workshop. He loved the thought-balls surprise and told me that you confirmed and added to what he already knew about negative thoughts. He said he would definitely attend another workshop. Thank you so much! It’s so great that he had the opportunity to hear all this (and relate to it) from someone other than his mother. He was all smiles as he shared it with us over dinner.”

~ B.B. Mom to 13-year old A.

“On Saturday, my daughter was crying in her room and I went to see what the issue was. She said “I am ugly and no one likes me.” At first, I tried to reason with her and then I remembered she had met her Thought Monster who she called ‘Lennie’. I said, “Lennie, be quiet. You are not right!” She started to laugh and she was fine. So, reading your book and having my daughter meet her Thought Monster saved us! Thanks again.”

~ Grateful Mother

Educators, Parents & Students

Educators, students, and parents who’ve experienced the kidThink Kindness Curriculum.

“The kidThink training was presented extremely well. We had time for discussion and I was very satisfied with what I learned. The training provided kid-friendly prompts and offered me tools to help kids work through their issues. I plan to use these concepts in our weekly council and group discussions. I will also use the tools individually with my students. After the student workshops, the kids recognize unhelpful thoughts and I can help them find more positive thoughts. I’m very interested in learning more tools from kidThink. Thank you!!!”

~ Katie P. Aspire Public Schools

“Your workshop definitely benefited the parents in our group. You have a knack for creating a bond with a group very quickly. You got a lot of the moms chatting, participating and sharing personal stories. Many parents commented that they found it useful to have a child-friendly way to talk to their children about negative self-talk. Your concept of a “thought monster” was a useful idea to introduce to children and adults too! I definitely recommend you and your services.”

~ Gia Blount

“The students benefited from your workshop. Some joked with me about their thought monster taking over during their weekend. One student told me not to “make meaning” out of him not smiling at me. Both drawing activities were wonderful and very appropriate for this age range. Your philosophy fits perfectly with Aveson. Thank you for your time, and for starting a lifelong conversation with our 6th graders.”Aveson Global Leadership Academy

~ Tom Hyatt, Aveson Global Leadership Academy


What a Los Angeles Unified School District Teacher Had to Say

“I work with special needs children and I know they have ‘monster thoughts’. These tools can help their esteem, confidence and self-acceptance. This information was very helpful.”

~ I.C.

What Learning Works Charter School Students Had To Say

“This presentation was very helpful and encouraging. I enjoyed learning how to be a better and more supporting person to myself. I think I will use this info to become a positive person.”

~ Cela C.

“This taught me helpful tools to live more peaceful. I enjoyed the thinking part. I think I will use this with my daily life in school, my chores and children.”

~ Summer B.

“This helped me figure out who was that extra voice in my head. I like figuring out who my thought monster is. You taught this well. It expands the learning in my brain and I think this stuff will benefit me.”

~ Michael B.

“I liked letting my bad feelings out. I think I can stop being negative and think happy. I think I will stop comparing myself to other people and think good about myself and what I have.”

~ Alexa

“I think this information was very useful. I like learning how to take a hold of my thoughts and block them away. You explained it well. I will use these tools in the future when I’m about to hear my thought monster and feel deprived.”

~ Martha