Kind Cards: A Tiny Deck of Kindness

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Are you or your kids feeling low, stressed-out, or sad?

Perhaps you’re not sure what you’re feeling, but you know you’re out of sorts?

Want an adorably simple tool you can carry in your pocket to help you feel better anytime?

Kind Cards are just what you need!


Kind Cards are tiny decks of goodness filled with a simple, loving practice you can give to yourself anytime of day. They are delivered in a sheer envelope and sealed with love.

The cards contain easy exercises (that are backed by research) to help you feel better, more peaceful and loving. Long term use will build your experience of love and acceptance, no matter what your circumstances in life.

I use my Kind Cards every day. Often, multiple times a day. Join me.

  • Feel safe, secure and loved.
  • Work through the entire set of steps or select a single card and use the goodness you find there.
  • One minute or 30: Even a small amount of self-kindness is healing.
  • The more you use them, the better you feel.

Kind Cards are small, square set of 9 sturdy and beautiful cards with instructions on each one. Kind Cards come enclosed in a darling sheer envelope and are sealed with love.

Buy one for yourself and another for a friend!

$5.00 per set includes postage, US First Class Mail**
Please use the drop down menu to purchase up to 3 sets of Kind Cards with US Postage included.


**Postage may be higher for International orders, please email us for a shipping quote. We’ll reply with a separate purchase link that includes the cost of shipping.

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