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MEDITATIONS to help you feel better and do better.

Feeling Squirrelly?

SquirrellyforSiteA short, simple guided meditation led by Katie McClain
Practice this easy meditation as often as possible. Before you know it you’ll be a seasoned meditator. Play it for your students or children to help them get centered before school or homework or during a transition or when everyone needs a break!
Listen by clicking the play button below. Right click it to download to your computer (control click for Mac).



Feeling “bloopy”?

BloopyforSiteWordlessness Exercise: Sometimes you need a break from your thoughts! Follow along and take yourself, your kids or your students into your right mind (your right brain) and get a breather from your “bloopy” thinking! This exercise is excellent before a creative activity or art class. Patience – if you continue to practice this on your own or with your kids, you can reach a point of deep relaxation without thought. Bliss!
Listen by clicking the play button below. Right click it to download to your computer (control click for Mac).


FREE CLASSES: Lots of great info for adults who works with/raise kids!

MOMster Talk Free Speaker Series: Complimentary classes and interviews with experts on topics relating to parenting and your kids. Many classes also contain free worksheets. Click each link to listen online or download the class to your computer.
These were the most popular classes in the series:

1. The Picky Eaters Club: Click HERE with Janelle Holden

Intention Worksheet for Picky Eaters Club: Click HERE

2. Kids and Weight Loss: Click HERE with Bev Aron

3. Raising Sexually Healthy Kids: Click HERE with Tori Henderson

4. Multigenerational Family Adventures: Click HERE with Kanesha Baynard

5. What’s So Special about Special Needs: Click HERE with Nancy Brook

6. The Change Cycle: Click HERE with Terri Fedonczak

Change Cycle Worksheets: HERE and HERE

7. Youth Yoga School: Click HERE with Stacey Shanks

8. Raising Intuitive Kids: Click HERE with Lynn Poulos


This video created by my son and his friends teaches an overview of the Growing Up Kind tools. It will make you and your kids laugh!

A fun video for younger kids. (also outlines the Growing Up Kind tools)

A little ode to my family and my business.




Listen in to this interview at the Mom Podcast and ‘meet’ your Thought Monster.






thumb-testimonials-staceyIn the 30-minute interview with Stacey Shanks of Youth Yoga School and Yoga and Life, I discuss my book and the tools I use with clients and at kidThink.




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