Reach Your Goals with Somatic Life Coaching

If you’ve been trying to change a particular area of your life, Somatic Life Coaching can help you make that change while also helping you create the life you desire!

What is Somatic Life Coaching?

Somatic Life Coaching is a gentle mind/body method that supports, heals, and re-invigorates.

  • Creates clarity and renewed aliveness.
  • Helps you reach goals that previously seemed beyond reach.
  • Helps you feel better and do better in many areas of life!

Sessions feel like an easy conversation with a genuinely interested and non-judgmental friend who will support you with tools, love and encouragement along the way to reaching your desired results. I will help you access the wisdom of your body to heal and re-enliven you toward a life you love!


My clients have created results in their lives that they didn’t know were possible!

Working with me through Somatic Life Coaching,

I’ll help you…

  • Become more compassionate and caring with yourself – this is one of the most important ingredients you can foster in creating a life that you love. I will teach you HOW.
  • Connect to your body in a way that is oh so healing and supportive.
  • Manage and resolve anger and frustration that feels out of control for you.
  • Support your children in overcoming fear and shyness in fun ways that boost their confidence.
  • Boost your own confidence.
  • Stop doubting yourself as a parent and be more present and loving with your kids.
  • Set and hold boundaries with yourself, your children, and others in your life.
  • Get more out of your life. More than you ever dreamed possible.
  • Stop struggling with how and what you believe you can do now and in the future.

There are so many reasons my clients come to me for support in feeling better and doing better in their lives. Getting kind support and gaining new awareness and tools is a great way to grow and move forward positively!


I’m Katie McClain – a certified Life Coach with over 20 years of experience coaching in corporations and with people just like you.

KatieCircleAfter Somatic Life Coaching sessions, you’ll feel newly motivated to create and experience the life you’ve always wanted.

You’ll have tools you can refer to and use on your own.

You’ll find the specific beliefs that serve you and that make creating what you want feel so much easier.

You’ll feel more relaxed, happy, and ready to take on your life with energy and ease.

With each session you complete, your capacity in areas where you previously felt stuck, frustrated or incapable, will grow.

Let’s get started with a complimentary Discovery Session to discuss your goals and see if Somatic Life Coaching is for you.

After we chat, I’ll send you a link to book and pay for your session(s). Or, get started right away by choosing from below!

In person sessions are available in NorthEast Los Angeles. If you aren’t local to Los Angeles, we’ll work together via Zoom or Skype video. These video sessions can be recorded and sent to you afterward if you like.


What do a state tax commissioner and a beauty queen have in common?

(They both hired me before becoming tax commissioner and beauty queen!)

Somatic-Coaching-Water-ImageA huge benefit available in working with a life coach is that the coach you choose will have a unique perspective and view of your life that is likely not clear to you at the moment. Without a life coach, life is a bit like a fish in water.

As far as we know, fish don’t have any awareness that they live in water. We “swim” around in our lives a bit oblivious to what we’re doing and how we’re doing it – just like the water is invisible to the fish.

This can make it difficult to see where to make changes and improvements that can help make your life so much better.

Life coaches give you a new perspective on your life, your thoughts, and your actions helping you to see things in a way you didn’t see them before. This new perspective and the tools that go with it can change your life for the better!


As your life coach we’ll uncover what’s getting in the way of your progress so you can remove those invisible blocks to your desired results.

I’ll help you access the wisdom of your body and mind to help feel better and do better in your life.

I teach simple tools that create new perspectives and help you knock down obstacles so you can reach desired goals. I’ll share proven concepts & tools that you can take with you to continue to use in your life once our work together is complete.

Many of these tools and concepts I teach can be taught to your children, too!

People I work with typically have a specific goal or goals they’re working on or they have obstacles they are trying to overcome. Here are some of the reasons folks decide to work with me:

  • You have a goal of improving your life in a particular area.
  • You want to improve your relationship with your child and be the best parent you can be.
  • Your child is struggling and you need support in helping them manage and thrive.
  • You want to get clear on which direction to head in your life.
  • You’re good at pushing yourself, but this doesn’t make you happy and isn’t helping you succeed.

You may have a clear goal in mind when we start. If not, I’ll support you in uncovering a desire that you’ve pushed away or given up on.

Let’s re-light that fire in you to help you achieve what you truly want!

 Katie is AMAZING! She helped me see the value in taking time for myself and to really get in touch with what makes me happy.nichellecircle

I love that she showed me how to ask myself better questions of my thoughts to get the negativity out and the positive in.

The time she takes to help you discover the WHY behind our motivations is invaluable. I was truly changed after working with Katie and applying what she taught. She helped me see that I have the solutions inside.

– Nichelle Jones


Connor and I have a better basis of communication now.kellyconnor

He has also started to recognize his strengths and take pride in them. He commented that working with Katie was a lot more fun than he thought and said, “I like Ms. Katie!” Katie shared an insight with me about my own childhood that blew my mind.

In all my years of being coached, I’ve never recognized or connected to my current belief system. Doing so has made a huge difference for me and my kids.

I understand myself and my son so much better now. I definitely recommend Katie and her services, both as a coach for children and their moms who are having difficulty coping with this overwhelming world of ours. I was shocked that Katie was able to cut to the chase so quickly and support myself and my son so deeply after such a short period of time.

I so appreciate Katie, her clarity, intuition, the ability to speak to my son in a way that he felt safe and able to share, and the way she has of connecting all the dots. Her Thought Monster concept and book are so helpful too.

Both my son (who is 8) and I, read through each lesson right before meeting with Katie and to have the book as a tool and her coaching right after was wonderful. I teach yoga to kids so I know that every session requires flexibility and an amazing bag of tricks and tools depending on where the child is that week. Katie was able to do this with ease.

– Kelly & Connor

Gray-DividerIt is a huge relief! All’s going well and I put the tools and lessons you taught me into use quite often.

My relationship with my daughter has improved!

Working with you also gave me a bonus: you helped me own and work toward my true desire of changing my career for the better. I spent 3 months retired and was then offered an appointment to the Tax Commission by the governor.

It’s a big appointment that I can do from home with only one day of travel each week. It pays well and has benefits. I was just sworn in on Thursday. Thank you for everything you did to help me get back on track!

– Regina L.

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