Are We Asking Ourselves the Right Kinds of Questions?

Have you ever asked yourself a question like this?

What did I do to deserve this? Why did [insert name] get [insert thing] one and not me?

These are the answers we’ll likely get to questions like these:

Answer to first question: I must have really screwed up.
Answer to second question: Life isn’t fair.

Any question you pose in your mind is answered by your brain whether you realize it or not.

Negative questions and negative responses get us more of the same. This type of inquiry can spiral down into thinking and results that don’t serve us and keep us stuck.

What are you asking yourself? Stop. Listen.

Check in with yourself first thing in the morning. Ideally, you ask yourself questions like: “How can I make it a great day?”

The key is to pay attention.

When I started checking in with myself. I was surprised at how often I was asking, “What’s your problem?” This is NOT a great question!

Even, innocent sounding questions like, “What should I do next?” can be tricky. Beware. The word should generates hidden land mines of naysaying. Here’s another way you could ask what’s next: “What can I do next that will forward my progress?”

If you’d like to explore this idea more, download this page from my Thought Monster Series.

Download the PDF here. AskaBetterQuestion