Making Friends with Your Thought Monster is a mini-course about mindfulness designed to give you a peek at how the Thought Monster Series can help you and your students feel better and do better in school and in life.

Inside you’ll find a series of 5 lessons, plus a short wrap-up. Each lesson contains a short, entertaining video and an introduction to several concepts taught in the Thought Monster Series of books, coloring books and app.

Throughout this course, you’ll follow along with young Max as he begins to overcome his struggle with math. His teacher, Mr. Bailey, guides Max through a process to improve his attitude and motivation around math. Max even raises his math grade as a result!

Included are bonus activities you can use at home or in your classroom, with your kids or on your own. The activities are designed to help children begin to increase thought awareness and promote their own positive self-talk. (I teach these activities to adults as well, so you might just find that you feel and do better yourself as you engage with the course!)

At the end of the workshop, look for a wrap-up that includes a bonus eBook that further illustrates how useful these concepts are in helping us learn to be kinder to ourselves and to one another.

Keep an eye out for my friend Om. Om stands for ‘Orange Monster’. His name also links to a tool that helps settle the nervous system so kids are better able to concentrate on learning. That particular tool is available in the Growing Up Kind™ Curriculum which is coming soon. Om will show up from time to time throughout this mini-course with reminders and tips.

Here are some tips for getting the most out of this mini-course:

  • Bring to mind an issue that you or your student wants to make progress with or overcome, such as lack of motivation, issues with a certain topic, grades, goals, etc.
  • Work through the videos and information in each lesson.
  • Keep your topics in mind as you take advantage of the bonus activities.
  • Join the secret Growing Up Kind Facebook group to ask questions and meet other like-minded parents and teachers. Ask questions in the Facebook along your way, I’ll be happy to answer them as you progress.
  • If you’d like, watch the couse intro video again below. Enjoy!

Let's Dive In!


Navigating through the course materials:

  • A grid showing the contents of the course  is shown at the bottom of each Lesson.
  • Click Expand All or Collapse All to view all the Lessons and the Activities in certain Lessons.
  • As you complete the content in each Lesson or Activity, click the Mark Complete button.
  • When you click, Mark Complete, you are automatically progressed to the next Lesson.
  • Move back and forth between Lessons by selecting Previous Lesson or Next Lesson arrows.
  • Completed Lessons and Activities will show a green checkmark or green dot.
  • There is also a green progress indicator to show you how much of the course is completed.
  • To repeat an Activity/Topic, click on it in the course grid.
  • For questions or issues, click HERE to send me an email.