How to Login to Virtual Classroom

Instructions to login with the password we sent you:

1. Click this link:

It will look like this in your browser:

2. Type in your email address (the same email address you used to register for classes).

3. Type or paste in the temporary password which is:   Letmein123*

Once you’re logged in the screen will look like this but with your info. You’ll have access to both of my free classes!

Now that you’ve successively logged in you’ll want to change your password right away.

Here’s how:

Click this link:

which takes you to a web page that looks like this…
2. Enter your email address (the email address where you received this info).
3. Click the Get New Password button.
4. CHECK YOUR EMAIL. You’ll receive an email with a link that will take you to my site enabling you to create a new password.
This is what the email will look like (with your details instead of mine). Click the link in the email and set up a new, unique password.
5. The link in the email takes you to this:
6. Create a new unique, password and SAVE it with your email address which is your username.
You’ll see this on your screen once you’ve reset your password.
7. Click the Log In link and login with your new password.
Here’s the link to login in case you need it: