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Feeling Anxious or Worried or Out-of-Sorts?

A short, guided meditation led by Katie McClain
Connecting to our body is a great way to begin the process of growth, healing and feeling better. We can learn a great deal by getting in touch with what our body has to show us or say to us. Download and listen to this brief meditation where I guide you through a very basic body scan. Use this as an entry point for connecting with your body. Practice this easy meditation as often as possible to help you begin to feel better and do better.




This video, created a few years ago by my son and his friends, teaches an overview of the tools taught in the Thought Monster Series. Watch with your kids and laugh!

This little video is a story about my two dogs, fun for younger kids! It also outlines the tools in the Thought Monster Series.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Thought Monster Series, check out my class, Making Friends with Your Thought Monster. You’ll find a full introduction to the mini-curriculum contained in the series. The Thought Monster Series is one module of the upcoming Growing Up Kind Curriculum.


From my blog post on the movie Inside Out. Here’s the graphic I created to help you and you and your kids feel your feelings. Read the post here.


Here’s a graphic I created to help you and you family reduce time with screens, the internet, and social media.