Memories of Childhood – 5 or 6**

Fifth Child of Six

Spinning, spinning, spinning

in a dreamy, solo dance

across dewey grass.

Favorite dress,

wrinkled and worn,

is delightful against my skin.

Blue and red and white plaid**

floating, fluttering, skimming

across the tippy top

of little girl legs.

Barefoot and grimy with dirt.



Still feeling free.

**A series of poems based on memories of my childhood came to me in the middle of the night during Somatic Experiencing® Training. This is the 2nd poem/memory to come to me.

Memories are tricky. I remember the dress as a plaid print, but you can clearly see in the photo that it’s a tiny foulard pattern. I either made up that it was plaid at some point over the years of recalling this memory or my little girl mind thought that this is what a plaid looked like. For a while. I grew taller but not wider. I grew too tall for it to cover my bottom and I believe the dress was finally tossed out or handed down to someone else.

Perhaps this was the Mary Poppins dress my Godmother had given me at age 4? I loved that dress! The above photo is from about age 5 1/2 or 6. I recall promptly getting lipstick all over the Mary Poppins dress with the lipstick inside the purse that came with it. Not sure its the same dress but the memories are lovely.**