Tame Your Thought Monster – Free during May 2020

For the month of May 2020, I’ve got a FREE gift for you!

Like me, you may be spending time with those you love more than ever before — whether you like it or not! Some of you have your kids with you 24/7. Nearly everyone is needing some space and support so that our thoughts and emotions don’t turn into “monsters”.

Right now and for the month of May, I’m offering my clients’ favorite resource for FREE. And I’ve added some bonus info and activities to support your family to feel calmer when things get stressful.

For the first time ever, I’m offering the Tame Your Thought Monster Coloring Book in a downloadable format! And it’s absolutely FREE! After downloading, you’ll find fun and interactive ways to color, learn, and feel good for the whole family. The coloring book features a simple and fun mini-curriculum to help you feel better and do better, plus there is coloring throughout the book!

When you open your copy, you’ll first see a page with info explaining some of what might be happening in your kids’ nervous systems (and your own) plus an activity page where Action Annie brings calming options so that you and your family can feel better on the spot!

Download your FREE copy of Tame Your Thought Monster in my online store.

I do hope you find this resource helpful and a fun distraction for your kids. If you don’t have time for it now, (I get it, there is so much being offered!) I suggest downloading it and using it when it feels right.

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