What the heck is a Thought Monster!?

In today’s vlog, I share what about Thought Monsters!

Everyone has a Thought Monster and each one is unique. Meeting your Thought Monster is a fun and helpful activity for you and your kids. Watch the video, then read on for more about taming your Thought Monster.

Basically, your Thought Monster is the dreaded FEAR. We all have this fear.

You are not alone!

I like having my clients meet their Thought Monster because it’s a way to be aware of fear, visualize it, and be able to manage it better. When we aren’t aware of fears and it’s many subtleties, it can hold a tight grip on us.

Fear’s grip can slow us down or completely stop us in our tracks. For kids, a common way that fear manifests is by stopping kids from trying new things, or speaking up about something, or simply being less than their marvelous, dynamic little selves. You probably know that fear manifests in these ways for you, too.

The Takeaways on FEAR

  • We all have fear that stops us or hinders us in various ways.
  • When we become aware of our fear by noticing Thought Monster’s voice or tuning in to the feelings that are associated with fear, we can then have some facility with it and we can find ways to loosen its grip on us.
  • To manage your fear: NOTICE it and BE KIND.
    • FIRST, recognize fear when it shows up. Either by recognizing that little voice whispering fearful (and hurtful) things to you or by the fearful sensations that show up in your body.
    • NEXT, be kind to that voice. You can calm it with a single sentence or with a full blown conversation. In the beginning, you may need to calm it down a lot. It will get easier with each circumstance in which you practice taming your Thought Monster.

Please let me know what you thought about the idea of meeting your Thought Monster (or becoming aware of your fear)? You can find the entire meet your Thought Monster activity, plus many other really helpful tools in my books in The Thought Monster Series.