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Unconditional love and listening are two of the most important ingredients that help children grow into kind, successful grown ups who are able to create a life they desire. But generational beliefs and painful experiences mean that some of us didn’t receive the love and listening we needed from the adults in our lives when we were little. If that’s the case for you, then you may get overly frustrated or down on yourself. This may interfere with your life. Your parenting goals of providing the love and attention your children need may take a back seat to the overwhelm you feel at any given moment.

Your childhood might have left you with deep down hurts – some that you are aware of and some that you are not. These hurts can affect you and/or interfere with the life you want. It can thwart how the love and listening your want to provide for your children. Stress, old hurts, pain and stuck-ness can block you from being your best for yourself and your kids.

I grew up in a house with 8 people: 2 were parents and the other 5 were my siblings. Being a highly sensitive person and number 5 of 6 kids – with parents who were barely making ends meet and who were carrying their own childhood traumas – made for a very stressful childhood. The things I observed and endured were not life threatening, but they hurt just the same. These experiences also created in me a deep longing to help others which began to manifest in me by the time I was 5 years old. My journey is filled with a successful search for learning, healing, and transformation. I’m so pleased to share and be able to support others like you who are on a similar healing journey.

Stresses, traumas, and hurts we’ve experienced can sort of ‘stunt our growth’. The good news is that we can release pain and return to healthy growth. I think of this as Growing Up Kind and its meant for people of any age.

I’m here to help you release old hurts and transform your pain with compassion and kindness so you can live a life of joy and model for your kids that anything is possible.

I’m passionate about helping children age 9 to 99 Grow Up Kind. I offer tools that create deep healing and help you return to the feelings of aliveness, joy, and the all encompassing possibility that is available to each one of us. You may not remember ever feeling this way, but all things really are possible and I’d love to help you experience this!

I’m a certified Life Coach with over 20 years of experience working with individuals and corporations. I specialize in Somatic Coaching and Somatic Experiencing. I offer fun and engaging classes and books. On my Blog you’ll find free videos and tips that will help you right away. Start Here to find complimentary meditations, videos, tips, and classes that I created just for you!

I’d love to meet you and answer your questions in the Growing Up Kind™ community.

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Questions? Please reach out, say hi and let me know how I can help!

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A little more about me and my family, too.


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I teach regularly at Elizabeth House in Pasadena, California. Elizabeth House is a maternity shelter that supports women and their children and helps them get back on their feet. I also teach young moms and dads at Learning Works in Pasadena, a continuing education high school for kids who once dropped out. I’m available to speak or teach at your venue or event. Contact me to learn more.



my boy and my man

My husband and my son are kind, supportive, and funny. I am so blessed to share my life with them. My favorite thing to do is spend time with my humans and my doggies.

Giving back is second nature. I’ve volunteered in many other ways over the years. Any place that reminds me of home is my favorite place to be! Fortunately for me, Paris feels like home and so does nature and kind friends. I’m creative, kind, and intuitive. I love sharing what I’ve learned – so much so that my friends call me Sharasaurus!




Piggy & Maya

If you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading! Here’s a photo of my doggies. They are my furry babies and they create all kinds of happiness in our house.

I hope you’ve found something here on my site that will support you and your kids in feeling better so you can do better!

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P.S. Meet one of our furry babies posing as “Princess Dobby” the “Life Coach”! FYI: her real name is Piggy and she is an amazing resource for me and my clients, but she is definitely not a life coach!

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