My Journey Into Somatic

I knew that I didn’t have an ideal childhood. My parents lacked the tools to help my five siblings and I to integrate scary or confusing experiences. I was a highly sensitive child and found my home to be very stressful. Fortunately, I found sanctuary at school with many kind and supportive teachers.

In spite of my upbringing, I’ve always been very high-functioning. I became a life coach, successfully coaching many people for years. When I had my son in my late 30’s, life started to feel more difficult.

Early in life, I began seeking ways to feel better. I did traditional talk therapy, read spiritual and self-help books, and participated in seminars. Even with many trainings under my belt, I found something was missing. Then, I had a highly stressful experience that linked directly to something I regularly experienced during childhood. A light bulb went on and I wondered if I had some trauma left over from my childhood. Researching trauma led me to Somatic Experiencing (SE).

My first session with a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) left me feeling like a whole new wonderful world had opened up. I walked out of that 50-minute session thinking, “I have no idea what she did, but I feel better than I have in years!”

Soon after, I knew that the Somatic Experiencing training was a path I wanted to take. It took three years, with nearly 300 hours of training plus certification hours. I’m so excited to share SE with you so you can feel better, too!

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My Story

I’m Katie McClain, a certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Life Coach & healer with 25+ years of experience. I specialize in Somatic Experiencing® (SE) and Touch Therapy.

Somatic Experiencing is a gentle mind-body process that releases stress energy stuck in the body.

The body switches into defense mode anytime it perceives that its safety is threatened. When we feel stressed or threatened, our body responds by flipping the nervous system into “fight, flight, or freeze” mode. This happens fast and without our awareness. Prolonged stress or lack of feeling of safe can result in feeling stuck, tired, unmotivated, angry, etc. Long periods of stress or the lack of fully recovering from a trauma may – over time – cause illness or at the very least diminish life force. All of this can cause the nervous system to become dysregulated, making it hard to ever calm down or get ourselves moving toward the things we want to accomplish in life.

During a Somatic Experiencing Coaching session, I work with you in person or over a video call to help your nervous system settle down so you can rest and recover. This helps you begin to feel better so we can work to regulate your nervous system, build capacity, and return your life to a fuller sense of goodness and ease.

We begin with various tools to help you physically inhabit your body. As you build your skills with staying in the present moment and being in your body, we then slowly dip into the places in your body that are holding pockets of stress energy, painful emotions, or trauma, and I guide you in releasing that energy. The SE process is gentle and designed so that you feel safe during the process. An important aspect of SE is that it’s not necessary to delve into the story of past experiences unless you want to. Stress and trauma can be released without reliving a painful experience.

Ultimately, Somatic Experiencing helps you gently integrate various experiences so you have more space, capacity, and energy in your life. As your guide, I create a safe container that helps you feel better so you can do better.


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In addition to Somatic Experiencing (SE), I’m an author and creator of books, classes, and other materials that help adults and kids learn using fun formats.​ Click for Free Resources >.

The Thought Monster Series consists of books, coloring books, and an iOS app that offers a unique mindfulness and positive thinking curriculum for adults and children alike! Explore here >

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