Causing Kindness Workshop

This quick, easy, and free workshop teaches some new ways to think about and cause kindness.

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About the Causing Kindness Workshop

The Causing Kindness workshop teaches a top-down method for promoting self-kindness which supports kindness toward self and others. If you’re frustrated with teasing, bullying, and exclusive behaviors, this workshop will give you a unique perspective on why the way we think can result in acting out negatively toward others. If you’re looking for new tools to help curb negative behaviors, this free workshop helps to ease stress, reframe thinking & create more peace.

We tell our kids to ‘be nice’. Learn a new perspective on being nice versus being kind.

What You’ll Learn in the Causing Kindness Workshop

  • What feelings have to do with kindness
  • A new way to think that encourages kindness for self & others
  • The difference between being nice vs being kind
  • Tools to teach to your kids about kindness
  • How to fill up your kindness tank
  • 3 simple ways to release negative thoughts
  • How to ditch drama & create peace
  • Freedom from negative, painful stories.

The Causing Kindness Workshop includes

  • Workshop audio in mp3 format
  • A Workbook for your notes while listening
  • A custom Tip Book with with workshop details
  • Simple & fun tools for you, and for kids, too!
  • Bonus mp3 activity
  • Bonus drawing activity to help you manage unkind thinking

Hi, I’m Katie McClain

I’m a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) and coach with over 25 years of experience. Over many years, I’ve utilized top-down methods (brain to body) to support clients with feeling and doing better in their lives as well as bottom-up (body to brain) processes to heal trauma, chronic stress, and the lingering effects of childhood trauma.

My approach is kind, compassion, and nurturing. I’m told by many that my voice is gentle and soothing and that my presence feels safe and kind. I have deep respect and resonate deeply with those who have suffered or had a difficult childhood because I’ve had similar experiences.

The Causing Kindness workshop introduces you to a simple, 5-part mini mindfulness curriculum that utilizes an easy to learn top-down healing method. Using this method with yourself and your children leads to more kindness and also helps you feel better and do better.

I hope you enjoy and gain lots of insight from my Causing Kindness Workshop! 💗

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the workshop begin and end?

  • Available now! Register anytime. You can access this workshop indefinitely.

What’s included with this workshop?

  • Audio, written learning, a Workbook for your notes and a TipBook to help you remember what’s taught in the workshop. There are 2 bonus activities included that you can do yourself and with your kids.

How long is the workshop?

  • The audio portion of the workshop is approximately 1 hour. I may take you longer as you work through the activities and bonus materials.

How do I access the workshop materials?

  • All materials are available within the learning platform here on my site. The workbook and tip book are downloadable as are the bonus materials.

For information on enrolling and accessing the course materials, please click HERE.