My Story

Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here.

It IS possible to feel better. I know because I’ve been there. I struggled with overwhelm, stress, and reactivity. On my healing journey, I found the answer to feeling better within my own body. Along the way I’ve studied and learned many modalities and now offer the tools – that helped me heal – to others.

My Journey

My childhood was rough yet I believed what I’d heard over and over as a kid, “that It wasn’t that bad.” I remember finding sanctuary with many kind and supportive teachers. These people made up the “one supportive and caring adult” that I and every child needs to help them persevere in the face of early trauma. Without their kind support, I don’t know where I’d be. 

I thought I’d made it out unscathed, but the idea that I was “too sensitive” or a “big baby” was seared into my brain because I’d heard it so many times from siblings, adults, and myself! Repeating, ‘get over yourself’ in my mind wasn’t helpful. This self-talk was unkind. Many painful childhood experiences lingered even while I thought I’d managed pretty well as an adult…

That is, until the trauma I’d suppressed and the strategies I’d developed to survive my childhood were no longer helpful. I found myself frequently overwhelmed, shut down, or flipping out – for unknown reasons that I couldn’t remember or understand. The uncontrollable feelings that descended on me spurred me to seek help, educate myself, and get better. At one particularly stressful time, I ‘flashed back’ to my childhood. This turned out to be a useful experience because it led me to research trauma. I went on to study and heal my trauma with the help of many caring and skilled trauma-informed practitioners.

Feeling Better, Helps You to Do Better

If we haven’t healed and released our own stresses or traumas, we have limited capacity and may remain hypervigilant and can be easily triggered into fight, flight or freeze states. When we’re operating from these states, we aren’t thinking clearly and its very difficult to be your best and kindest self.

I work mainly with adults (and some children/adolescents) to support the healing of early traumatic experiences. I specialize in supporting nervous system regulation and resilience by increasing capacity and guiding the body and mind in its recovery from stress and trauma. These experiences may include: difficult birth or early experiences, lack of proper care and attunement from adults in childhood, a dysfunctional family, surgeries and medical issues, shock traumas such as sudden injuries, car accidents, falls, etc.

I offer courses such as Soothe Yourself Somatically and Mosaic Journey with SSP Group Experiential as well as one-on-one with clients utilizing Somatic ExperiencingSE Touch/Co-Regulating Touch, Trauma Informed Stabilization Treatment (TIST-Parts Work) and the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP). In addition, I mentor SE students with Beg, Int & Adv level personal sessions and Beg Level Individual Case Consults. I also mentor professionals who are interested or already trained in the SSP.

I truly believe that there is a healing modality for everyone. Trauma informed tools for healing the autonomic nervous system have made the biggest impact on my life and the lives of my clients. I hope to meet you and support you on your journey.

More about me

I’ve been a coach in many capacities for 25+ years. My current coaching practice started in 2011. In addition to completing many trainings and certifications, I assist in Somatic Experiencing, Touch Trainings, and mentor SE Students and new SSP Practitioners. For recommended books, click HERE.

  • The Voice Keeps the Score w Linda Thai 2024
  • The Spiritual Healing Journey w Thomas Hübl 2023/24
  • The Art of Attunement w Thomas Hübl 2023
  • Trauma Informed Stabilization Treatment (TIST) Levels 2, 3 and Certification June 2023
  • EASE-Equine Assisted Somatic Embodiment Training March 2023
  • Trauma Coupling Dynamics with Kathy Kain, PhD 2022 (assisted in 2023, 2024)
  • Beyond Inclusion, Beyond Empowerment: Embodied Anti-Racist Group Work 2021-2022
  • Somatic Narrative with Kathy Kain, PhD: 2022
  • Healing Shame in Inner Children: 2022
  • Trauma Informed Stabilization Treatment (TIST) Level 1 Certificate: 2021
  • SE™ Master Class: Covid, Post-ICU & Ventilator Trauma January 2021
  • Embodied Somatic Healing for Systemic Racial Trauma with Becky Carter 2020
  • Communal Consultation for White People with Resmaa Menakem 2020
  • Somatic Resilience & Regulation Certificate: 2019
  • Touch Skills for Trauma: Certificate 2019
  • The Leading Edge w/Kate White (pre-perinatal edu) 2019
  • Mosaic of Healing SEGAN SSP Training: 2018
  • Safe and Sound Protocol Practitioner Certification: 2018
  • Trauma Through a Child’s Eyes: 2018
  • Polyvagal Theory Basic Principles: 2017
  • Somatic Experiencing 3 year Professional Training. Certification completed in 2017
  • SE™ Master Class – Archetypes and Developmental Healing: 2016
  • Understanding the Autonomic Nervous System/Polyvagal Theory: 2015
  • Master Coach Training: 2013
  • Life Coaching Certification: 2011
  • Head Coach-SELP-multiple rounds 1990’s