Soothe Yourself Somatically Course

Self-Regulation Practices, Information, & Tools at Your Own Pace

Soothing Practices using Intentional Self-Regulation Tools Increases Our Ability to Manage the World Around Us with Ease

Soothing Practice at Your Own Pace

Many individuals need to start their healing journey with practices that are resourcing, soothing, settling, and/or calming in order to ready their nervous system for the deeper healing available with Somatic Experiencing or other somatic healing methods that support increased capacity and flexibility in the nervous system.

Increased capacity and flexibility in the nervous system is what gives us access to life force and our true nature.

In the Soothe Yourself Somatically course, I’ll orient you to concepts and practices that I use and teach in my Somatic Experiencing practice. I offer these tools and concepts to individuals working to heal from chronic stress, PTSD, cPTSD, and early childhood traumas.

The somatic tools and practices offered here are presented in bite-sized pieces that are easily digested and integrated at your preferred pace. Use these practices to get started on a somatic journey or to support the work you are already doing with a skilled SE Practitioner.

Inside are many guided activities you can return to over and over again. Included is a bonus section where I guide you through compassionate self-touch, which I call Kind Touch. Touch is an important method for healing. It is a gift we can give to ourselves to soothe, settle, and support regulation.

Learn info and practices that until now, I’ve only offered to my one-on-one clients.

Explore 25 informative lessons detailing basic building blocks of embodied resilience. Experience soothing, self-regulation practices that build resilience, capacity and ease.

  • 25 lessons delivered in simple, understandable language. Lessons are provided in video, image, written word, and audio formats to support learning. The information you’ll gain is designed to normalize and increase compassion for self as well as increase capacity and regulation within your nervous system.
  • Accessible from your computer, smart phone or tablet. Return to the learning and practices over and over again.
  • 30 somatic practices that build awareness, capacity and soothing to your nervous system, including my gentle and safe Kind Touch self-holds.
  • Bonus Practice! How to Voo – This detailed yet simple, 3-part breath and sound practice is incredible for shifting your state from anxious to calm, or from depressed to energized. Regulate, ground, and resource with the Voo Breath.
  • Bonus Book! How to Tame Your Thought Monster: Enjoy a digital copy of my fun and creative mini-mindfulness curriculum and learn a very simple 5-part practice for feeling better. This top-down (brain to body) practice of shifting and reframing thoughts helps you to feel and do better in life and relationships. This book was written and developed for both adults and children!
  • Cost is only $195.00 and is available indefinitely.


Enroll in my Course, and get 2 Bonuses!

What Kinds of Concepts and Practices Will I Learn?

  • Info about nervous system capacity, how stress affects the brain, body, and our emotional life. The life changing understanding of why you feel the way you feel and that you are merely stuck not broken.
  • How to notice, set intentions, build awareness and learn to spot differences – all of these are concepts that bring us into the present moment. These concepts and the included practices build capacity within the body and mind and support increased resilience and nervous system flexibility.
  • Gain insights into slowing down, titrating experience, pendulation practices, and finding safety.
  • Shifting focus away from the very typical practice of what’s wrong thinking/attention.
  • How to stop overriding and how to start resourcing.
  • About how touch is life giving, soothing, and healing, plus many Kind Touch self-holds that you can offer to yourself.
  • Tons of practices throughout that are directly related to the concepts you are learning.
  • Large portions of the course are delivered with audio of my voice and/or video of me teaching and showing you how to do the practices contained in the course. I’ll be ‘by your side’ along the way.

Soothe Yourself Somatically is For You if

  • You are ready to add somatic, embodied practices to enhance your healing.
  • You have a strong sense that more answers and healing are available to you if you connect with your body.
  • You like self-paced learning that you can return to over and over.
  • You work with a somatic practitioner or therapist and want guided practices to use in between your sessions.
  • You’ve been looking for, but have struggled to find a somatic therapist, yet are ready to get started with somatic healing.
  • You want to learn to track your sensations, thoughts, emotions, and patterns, etc.
  • You’re ready to slow down so you can begin to build capacity and resilience within yourself.

Hi, I’m Katie McClain

I’m a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) and coach with over 25 years experience. Years ago, as I worked on my own healing, I came to understand from a nervous system perspective why I was still feeling stuck and hurt. I decided to learn somatically based healing methods to increase my capacity and feel better. I use many of those same tools in my private practice and teach these concepts to others in support of their healing.

My approach is kind, compassionate, and nurturing. I’m told by many that my voice is gentle and soothing and that my presence feels safe and kind. I have profound respect and resonate deeply with those who have suffered with shock traumas or had a difficult childhood because I’ve had experiences like those.

Whether you’ve experienced a single traumatic event, chronic stress, or frightening events in childhood, the Soothe Yourself Somatically course can help you gently build safety and capacity within yourself.

The course encourages you to slow down, give yourself space, and find your own pace. How many of us were never given the option to go at YOUR pace?

My sincere hope is that Soothe Yourself Somatically will be an regulating and soothing part of your healing journey. 💗


Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course begin?

What’s included with this course?

  • Audio, video, and written learning plus tools and somatic practices, including Kind Touch practices that soothe and self-regulate and support you in increasing capacity and feeling better.

When does the course end?

  • The course is yours indefinitely. Work at your unique pace and return to it over and over!

How do I access the course materials?

  • This course and all materials are available via computer, smart-phone, or tablet.

How long will I have access to Soothe Yourself Somatically?

  • All content is available to you on an indefinite basis. I encourage you to return to the materials and practices often. The more you practice with these tools and activities, the more you will build your capacity and nervous system regulation.

For information on enrolling and accessing the course materials, please click HERE.

Kind Words from Customers

Highly recommended!

I completed Katie’s “Soothe Yourself Somatically Course” while I was working with her individually.

The course allowed me to practice new somatic exercises between sessions with Katie and my own parts work. It helped me deepen my understanding and embodiment of my own somatic experiencing.

I highly recommended it.

It’s a small monetary investment in something that could potentially change your life, which is priceless. I experienced some significant shifts in my nervous system and parts while working with Katie. My life has definitely changed for the better in a relatively short period of time! Thanks so much, Katie. 
Agnis P-T

Helped me Understand Myself Better

Soothe Yourself Somatically…..this course is perfectly named. I’ve felt stuck and overwhelmed with anxiety, but learning about somatic concepts has helped me understand myself better. Katie offers support and shares exercises that gently let you find your way to healing (even just a kindness to yourself, like a hug). Katie stresses throughout the course to work at your own pace. Soothe Yourself is a reference you can return to for calming and an introduction to somatic therapy should you want to explore more.

Perfect way to Ease into Healing without overwhelm

I’ve worked with Katie for almost a decade. I’m someone who openly identifies as having high functioning anxiety. I have difficult relationships with my family and have loads to unpack and uncover in terms of trauma that I just have not been able to get to in effective ways.
Aligning with the process/techniques Katie provides has been instrumental in alleviating my pent-up hurt. I’m currently taking the Soothe Yourself course. It’s the perfect way to ease into a healing journey without overwhelming my default setting to “move past it” and “get over it”. I can move at my own pace and connect where it feels comfortable.
I feel immensely better engaging in these exercises and learning so much about myself. Excellent resource, I highly recommend! 
Monica J.
Operations Mgr, Chandler AZ