Somatic Experiencing®

Somatic Experiencing® is the foundation of my work with clients. In addition, I use various tools (see below) to help your nervous system rest so you can begin to feel more regulated. As your body settles we can begin the deeper work of gently releasing stress energy that’s been keeping you ‘stuck’.

What’s possible is an increase in your capacity for managing everyday issues. You begin to feel better for longer periods and your life shifts to a fuller sense of goodness and ease.

Below is a list some of the tools I may use in our work together. You will always have a choice about which tools are used during your sessions.

  • Somatic Experiencing ® (also called, SE)
  • Presence and Co-regulation
  • Parts Work – I use TIST and IFS
  • The Safe and Sound Protocol aka SSP – a listening protocol
  • Co-Regulating Touch (TST, SRR) – non-manipulative contact to regulate your nervous system
  • Mindfulness, Grounding, and Presence Techniques

With SE sessions, clients report feeling…

  • Calm, relaxed, easeful
  • Increased presence and goodness in life
  • More energy to manage life’s tasks
  • Less stress in relationships. Ability to handle things that were previously difficult
  • Renewed clarity and ability to accomplish goals

*I’m a certified in Somatic Experiencing®, Co-RegulatingTouch (TST, SRR), Safe and Sound Protocol and Life Coaching, plus offer TIST/IFS (parts work). My specialty is the nervous system and bottom up modalities of healing. I am not a psychotherapist. Depending on your circumstances, I may recommend that you work with a licensed counselor or therapist in addition to having sessions with me. Or, I may refer you to another practitioner if I feel your needs are better served by another professional.

“Neuroscience research shows that the only way we can change the way we feel is by becoming aware of our inner experience and learning to befriend what is going on inside of ourselves.”

Bessel A. van der Kolk, author of The Body Keeps the Score


The body shifts into defense mode anytime it perceives that its safety is threatened. Your body is deciding whether it is safe or not – continuously and below your conscious awareness. When we experience stress, our body responds by flipping on its stress physiology and sending the nervous system into ‘fawn,fight, flight, or freeze’ states. Prolonged or repeated experiences of stress can keep the body’s stress physiology turned on. Long periods of stress or the lack of fully recovering from a trauma can – over time – make us sick or at the very least diminish our life force and reduce our sense of ease in life. This can make us reactive, ineffective, and stuck. It can be difficult to settle, calm down, OR get ourselves moving toward the things we want to accomplish in life. The methods I use to support clients are Somatic Experiencing®, Co-Regulating Touch, TIST/IFS (parts work) and the Safe and Sound Protocol. All are body & brain based methods for releasing trauma and accumulated stress. 

I specialize in working with clients who’ve had a difficult childhood. I have deep empathy and compassion for those who had a rough start in life and love working with adults, children, and/or the child within. Education and study about pre and perinatal experiences and developmental trauma is an ongoing interest of mine. If your early life was scary or if you had very difficult experiences in childhood, please reach out.

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“Working with Katie has been a transformative experience. She is a wonderful teacher and a kind and thoughtful guide. SE is experiential so creating a safe environment is important. Katie’s sessions are grounded and gentle and I feel like my time with her has created lasting change in my life. I am more open to new experiences.

I don’t retreat like I used to and I feel more confident in my ability to handle whatever life throws my way.

Katie took me by the hand and guided me on a path I had passed over time and again.

Randi B.


“I have long-term experience in meditation and bodywork and yet I felt I held some shock trauma in my system. I felt that Somatic Experiencing would help me release the trauma. ​Katie provided me with tools to deal with the energy charge of shock trauma which helped me to feel safe. Katie has a lot of qualities that facilitate healing in a professional way. She has long-term experience and knowledge in the field and she also is well organized, caring, attentive and heart centered. ​ By the way, Katie is awesome! I feel safe enough now and have some really great tools to take with me. I am so thankful for Katie’s help!”



Connor and I have a better basis of communication now. He has also started to recognize his strengths and take pride in them. He commented that working with Katie was a lot more fun than he thought and said, “I like Ms. Katie!” I understand myself and my son so much better now. I definitely recommend Katie and her services, both for children and their moms who are having difficulty coping with this overwhelming world of ours. I so appreciate Katie, her clarity, intuition, the ability to speak to my son in a way that he felt safe and able to share, and the way she has of connecting all the dots.

Kelly & Connor