Making Friends with Your Thought Monster Course

A simple mindfulness program to help you and your kids Think, Feel, and Do better!

Become Mindfully Aware Of Your Own Thoughts

Hi there, I’m Katie McClain, and I’m genuinely excited to welcome you into my world of mindfulness. This book, ‘Making Friends With Your Thought Monster,’ is a passion project of mine, crafted to offer you and your loved ones a transformative journey toward well-being.

My aim is to provide you with valuable insights and practical tools.

‘Making Friends with Your Thought Monster’ is an introductory mini-course that gives you a peek at how the Thought Monster Series of books can help you and the children you raise or teach to feel better and do better in school and in life.

Throughout these pages, you’ll find not only my words but a piece of my heart dedicated to helping you cultivate a deeper connection with yourself.

So, let’s dive in together and uncover the transformative potential that lies within the pages of ‘Making Friends With Your Thought Monster.’ Here’s to a journey of self-discovery, mindfulness, and well-being.

5 Lessons That Give A Brief Introduction To The Mini Mindfulness Curriculum Contained In The Thought Monster Series:

  • Ditch Drama – Learn to overcome difficult circumstances, anxiety and worry.
  • Positive Self-Talk – Tame negative thinking by mindfully managing thinking with kindness and compassion.
  • Feel Better – Connect the mind and body and use the skills to feel better.
  • Improve Results – By improving actions and behaviors.
  • Build Self-Confidence – Using the five tools together helps shift results which supports kids and adults create a new and empowered sense of agency in their lives.

What can I expect from this course?

Inside you’ll find a series of 5 lessons, plus a short wrap-up. Each lesson contains a brief, animated video with an overview of each part of the curriculum. There’s an introduction to several concepts taught in the Thought Monster Series of books and coloring books.

PLEASE NOTE: The videos in each lesson include very helpful info on understanding each concept taught here and in the books. These videos also reference the ‘Growing Up Kind Curriculum’, but note that I have changed the name. The full curriculum is contained within the main book in the series which is titled How To Tame Your Thought Monster.

Throughout this mini course, you’ll follow along with young Max as he begins to overcome his struggle with math. His teacher, Mr. Bailey, guides Max through a process to improve his perspective, feelings, and motivation around math. Spoiler Alert! Max raises his math grade as a result of the tools he learns!

Included are bonus activities you can use at home or in your classroom with your kids/students. One of my adult clients said, “This info works for adults, too!” It really does. I and many clients use these tools daily.

The activities are designed to help people begin to become mindfully aware of their thoughts and to promote their own positive self-talk. You’ll find that you feel and do better yourself as you engage with the course!

Keep an eye out for my friend Om. Om stands for ‘Orange Monster’. Om will show up from time to time throughout this mini-course with reminders and tips on how you can use the curriculum.

Here’s how to get the most out of this mini-course:

  • Bring to mind an issue that you or your child/student wants to make progress with or overcome, such as a daunting circumstance in life, lack of motivation, issues with a certain topic, grades, goals, etc.
  • Work through the videos and information in each lesson.
  • Keep your personal topics in mind as you take advantage of the bonus activities, too.

Hi, I’m Katie McClain

I’m a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) and Coach with over 25 years of experience. In addition to somatic and nervous system healing, I have a long history with what’s called ‘top-down healing methods’. Top down healing is brain to body (bottom up is body to brain or somatic healing) and includes work that supports improving our thinking and shifting from a negativity bias to more positive thoughts and self talk. The tools you’ll find in How to Tame your Thought Monster and my other Thought Monster series of books is a top down method that is very useful in healing work of any kind.

My approach to healing is kind, compassionate, and nurturing. I’m told by many that my voice is gentle and soothing and that my presence feels safe and kind. I have deep respect and resonate deeply with those who have suffered or had a difficult childhood because I’ve had similar experiences.

If you or your kids have a lot of negative thinking, acting out, or are unhappy with the results you’re getting in life, the tools taught in How to Tame Your Thought Monster are a helpful start. The tools help improve thinking, which helps improve feelings, which helps improve how we act and all of that improvement together, helps with our results.

I hope you enjoy the Making Friends with Your Thought Monster course and that you’ll purchase the Thought Monster books to get started with feeling and doing better!

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course begin?

What’s included with this course?

  • Entertaining cartoon video, and written learning plus fun activities you can do on your own or with your kids to start thinking and feeling better.

When does the course end?

  • The course is yours indefinitely.

How do I access the course materials?

  • This course and all materials are available via computer, smart-phone, or tablet.

How long will I have access to Making Friends with Your Thought Monster course?

  • All content is available to you on an indefinite basis. I encourage you to return as often as you’d like. The more you practice with these tools and activities, the more you’ll feel better.

For information on enrolling and accessing the course materials, please click HERE.