About TIST – Parts Work

TIST-Parts Work is a transformative way of healing the whole self by working on the “parts” within that feel left behind or unsafe because of the experiences we’ve had at various times in life. Developed by Janina Fischer, TIST stands for Trauma Informed Stabilization Treatment. It’s a form of parts work similar to the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model. TIST blends beautifully with Somatic Experiencing®. Both are very effective methods for healing patterns or parts within that developed in times of intense stress. These patterns served to help you cope and move you forward. After a while some of these patterns or “parts” interfere with our lives and our fullest sense of well being.

TIST aligns exceptionally well with Somatic Experiencing® because both are body and brain based healing modalities. These two modalities are a wonderful combination for most of my clients. Parts Work tools and concepts are fairly easy to learn, integrate and take home with you to use. I am a Certified TIST Practitioner.

Healing the Frightened Parts of Ourselves

The idea (often an unconscious one) that we are under threat is a big reason why we remain stuck, in pain, and unable to get to the healing place we desire. This unconscious pattern represents fragmented or dissociated parts of the self that are the parts of us who feel scared and threatened. These parts need to connect with us – our wisest self – to find healing. TIST – Parts Work is an amazing process that can take a bit of time to fully integrate – sort of like learning a new language – but is a tool that we can tuck into our self-care practice to use anytime. Together, we’ll begin to meet and work with your parts to support them and help them feel safe, seen, and appreciated for the hard work they have been doing to keep you and them safe. With my support and guidance, we’ll collaborate on meeting your parts in a respectful way, with a goal of listening and responding to their needs so they can begin to rest and integrate. The TIST process is a very helpful step toward fuller healing.

What is Trauma Informed Stabilization Treatment?

As with Somatic Experiencing®, TIST – also referred to as ‘parts work’ – focuses on treating the effects of traumatic events, as opposed to treating the event itself. In order to survive bad things that happened when we were little, we needed different parts. These parts of ourselves remain long after the traumatic experiences. We are left with a felt-sense of fear that leads to impulsive attempts by some aspects of us to fight or flee which can manifest in many different ways depending on the client. Even while living full and successful lives, clients may remain stuck in an ongoing loop of fear and a sense that life feels out of control.

TIST provides an effective and gentle way of working with the effects of trauma and the parts of us that are still afraid. Clients learn how to use mindful observation to develop a relationship with their feelings, their impulses, their sensations and their traumatized parts. The process is tender and compassionate and the results are very positive for clients. Emotions become less frightening and more tolerable. Clients develop a deeper and kinder relationship with themselves. Life begins to feel easier and the client gains access to agency and a fuller sense of control.

The TIST-Parts Work method becomes a fairly intuitive tool for those who find this method to be a good fit. As clients gain skill and understanding, they can begin to incorporate TIST-Parts Work into their everyday lives.

How TIST-Parts Work Helps

  • Provides a framework you can learn to use on your own
  • Connects you and brings compassion for all the parts of you.
  • Builds awareness around unhelpful patterns with compassionate tools to work with those patterns
  • Heal anxiety, depression, past traumas and hurts
  • Access calm, clarity, compassion, caring, creativity, capacity…
  • Access to your most authentic self

My Approach

Hi, I’m Katie. Pronouns: She/Her.

My approach is collaborative and kind. I’m compassionate, intuitive, and nurturing and hold a great deal of respect for my clients’ conscious and unconscious wisdom and the imprints that resulted from their experiences. I enjoy the special healing alchemy that occurs when my mix of education, tools, and creative application of methods blends with the client’s experiences, preferences, and psyche. Clients improve and heal because they courageously engage with the education, skills, and practices that I offer.

My particular specialty is working with clients who’ve had a difficult childhood and/or a tough entry into the world. I have deep empathy and compassion for those who’ve had scary experiences early in their life (that is also my story). Some clients have experienced a single traumatic event, surgeries, or chronic illness. Others had lots of stress and frightening interactions in childhood. I often work with clients who’ve received diagnoses of PTSD or cPTSD. Some of my clients struggle with health syndrome(s) that seem to baffle the traditional Western medical system. I mainly work with adults and sometimes with children and adolescents. If my approach is of interest to you, please reach out.

My pronouns are she/her. I am married cis white female. My practice is located on unceded Tongva and Hahamonga lands in Los Angeles. My clients are from a variety of communities including white, BIPOC, cis, queer, non-binary, and neurodivergent. Ages 4-70+. I offer sliding scale / pro-bono rates to BIPOC communities and others as space allows.

Kind Words from Clients

I’m really excited and hopeful!

I have had a chronic illness since I was 14 and to say it has been a struggle is an understatement of the century! BUT I can’t tell you how much Somatic Therapy has helped me over the last few years, especially when I started working with Katie.
She is truly invaluable and not only is an incredible and generous person and I would, at this point, deem her a true healer. As I’m learning more about “parts work”, I am really excited and hopeful! I can already tell that once this becomes ingrained and an automatic response throughout the day that I truly will be a happier, more at peace person!!
Young Entrepreneur
California & Texas