About our Soothe Yourself Somatically Course

The Soothe Yourself Somatically eCourse developed by Katie McClain, SEP. Katie is an experienced Somatic Experiencing Practitioner who understands what helps individuals with their well-being and movement toward feeling better from personal experience.

The Soothe Yourself Somatically course was developed to give you an introduction to somatic concepts along with many supportive practices to help you feel better. I’ve broken down the somatic concepts into easily digestible sections and bit by bit you will learn to connect with your body and why that can be so helpful with healing. The lessons are laid out in a similar pattern to the way I work with my new one-on-one clients.

You’ll gain access to a nervous system and somatically based understanding of what is happening in your body and mind and why you may feel stuck in spite of years of trying to feel better. The course is designed to increase your awareness and gain a new understanding of your nervous system. I offer concepts that are useful as a starting place for those new to somatic (body-based) practices and to help build a sense of safety within you. You will have access to this course for 1 year after purchase.

**DISCOUNT AVAILABLE FOR individuals who are Black, Indigenous, and/or a Person of Color as well as the LGBTQIA+ community. Please send me a message through my contact form to ask for more information about the discount.**

Shift out of the old paradigm of push-push-pushing yourself and move toward going at the pace you and your body actually feel is right for you. You’ll learn to start listening to communications from your body. You’ll be coaxed to pay attention and then follow your true impulses. Included in this course is a type of soothing touch that I call Kind Touch with explanations of the science behind why it soothes us in times of stress. I’ll model the Kind Touch holds for you on video. If you’d like, you can purchase a handy and adorable Kind Card Deck to carry in your pocket or purse. (sold separately)

The tools in this course will help you begin to increase your awareness as you connect with your body and mind. The information is meant to show an individual how to connect with their senses in a way that feels safe and supportive so they can increase their resilience and ease in life. This entire course is offered as a way to soothe anxiety, reactivity, jangled nerves, and/or stress.

You’ll learn information and practices to help with anxiety, overwhelm, depression, worry, stress and more.

When you don’t have someone there to listen unconditionally, hold your hand, offer you a hug, or talk you through a soothing practice, the Soothe Yourself Somatically course is there to help!

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If you are a BIPOC individual or a member of the LGBTQIA+, please accept my discounted enrollment price for this course by clicking here and getting in touch with me to find out more.

What’s Inside:

Inside the Soothe Yourself Somatically course, you’ll find 25 lessons. Each lesson contains education in text, audio and video formats. There are activities, meditations, and simple somatic practices. I teach these basic concepts and practices as I begin my work with one-on-one clients. The information here is foundational and prepares you for the deeper work you will do with me or another somatic practitioner/therapist.

Inside the Soothe Yourself Somatically course you’ll find:

  • 25 lessons to move through at your own pace
  • All lessons available immediately upon purchase
  • Educational overviews and instructions of somatic material in text format
  • Audio for those who prefer to learn while listening or listen while reading
  • Guided somatic practices and activities
  • Meditations in soothing audio and/or video formats
  • Kind Touch holds with video guidance
  • Course is available for 1 year after purchase*

*If you rush through and/or skip over actually trying out all the practices, the course will take approximately 4 hours. However, I HIGHLY recommend that you move through the course while insisting on your own personal and spacious pace.

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If you are a BIPOC individual or member of the LGBTQIA+ community, please accept my discounted enrollment price for this course by clicking here and getting in touch to learn more.