Making Friends with Your Thought Monster

Making Friends with Your Thought Monster

Introducing the Thought Monster Series, a module of the Growing Up Kind Curriculum!

This mini-course is an introduction to the Thought Monster Series, which a module from the upcoming Growing Up Kind™ Curriculum.

When released, the Growing Up Kind Curriculum will include instruction in body-mind awareness, self-compassion, empathy, and self-motivation. We’ll teach children how to be mindful, how to manage emotions positively, and how to be kind to themselves and others. The tools help children create authentic motivation for their success and happiness in school and in life.

We must begin with ourselves in order to share compassion, kindness, love and support with others. I believe these are essential ingredients for helping each one of us be and do our best.

The Growing Up Kind tools will not only help your students, but it will help you, the teacher or parent, to be your best as well.

The curriculum will consist of several learning modules that build upon each other to create big shifts in perspective, compassion, and self-confidence. These shifts support students in achieving desired results. The program improves communication and classroom management, builds empathy and understanding of differences, increases self-confidence in teachers and students and is a solid framework for helping students break through blocks to improve grades and test scores.

An overview of one of the core the concepts we teach is available in the complimentary online workshop titled, Making Friends with Your Thought Monster. This is a self-paced mini-workshop loaded with useful information.

**Also included in this mini-course are multiple downloadable activities from the curriculum that you can do with your students and with your own children!**

Access the complimentary workshop and learn more about the transformational concepts contained in the curriculum by scrolling to the bottom of this page. Complete the registration and get started!

The Thought Monster Series was created for educators and homeschoolers to help students manage and improve their motivation to succeed. This module and others in the upcoming Growing Up Kind Curriculum helps teachers and students thrive in the classroom and beyond. You became a teacher because you love kids and you love learning….

Do your students have the skills to succeed, but struggle with success?

Would you like to help your students jump to the next level in results?

Do you want to help your students take effective actions toward their goals?

Are you frustrated with students who misbehave or bully others?

The Thought Monster Series will help you to understand the motivation behind why your students behave in both positive and negative ways. It helps you to understand why students don’t behave in ways that you know will help them succeed – even when the student may already be aware of the behaviors that will serve their success. Using and teaching the tools in the Thought Monster Series can help your students find the motivation that will support them in behaving in a way that helps them reach their goals. Even better than that, you can teach these tools to help your students’ success well beyond their time in your classroom. Both you and your students can use the Thought Monster Series tools for success in any area of life.


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