Regulate, ground, and shift your nervous system state for the better with the Voo Breath!

The Voo Breath is a common tool Somatic Experiencing practitioners use with and teach to clients. This tool can help to create a shift in the current state of the nervous system. I use this tool quite a bit with my clients.

If you’re feeling anxious, the Voo Breath can help you to settle down a bit and feel calmer. If you’re feeling low or perhaps a bit depressed, it can help you to shift out of that low place and into a more vitalized state. Below, I demo the tool in 3 ways and suggest mindful ways you practice this tool.

IMPORTANT NOTE: With any tool that may affect your nervous system, I recommend you take care, go slow, do small bits at a time (titrate), and if possible, I HIGHLY recommend that you have a safe-enough human, pet, or resource nearby to co-regulate with as a support.

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