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I hope you enjoy exploring my site which is all about sharing and teaching kindness, plus helping you and your kids feel better so you can do better.  ~Katie

Clean Pain vs Dirty Pain

All emotional pain is not the same. In my latest scope, I reflect on the recent terror attacks and discuss two types of emotional pain. Learning about clean pain and dirty pain was helpful for me. Knowing the difference caused a shift out of unnecessary worry, rumination, and blame. Understanding these two types of emotional pain can help you…

The Good, Bad, Ugly of Expectations

On today’s Periscope, I talk about expectations. Expectations can be good or bad. I share a couple stories of expectations I’ve had that caused me various kinds of angst. Here are the definitions of Expectation I was working with in this broadcast: a strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the…

What the heck is a Thought Monster!?

On today’s Periscope broadcast, I share what a Thought Monster is and walk you through meeting yours! Everyone has a Thought Monster and each one is unique. Meeting your Thought Monster is a fun and helpful activity for you and your kids. Watch the video, then read on for more about taming your Thought Monster….

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Tripping While Parenting

My son has always been very clear about what he wants and needs. I respect this. I give him support, healthy and loving boundaries, and guidance when requested. But I’m doomed with the thought that something I do or say will break him. I trip over my ideas and second guess my parenting. So, a few…

Self Compassion 101

The other day I fell flat on my face. Literally. I was rushing across a street in an unfamiliar neighborhood and BAM! As I peeled myself off the pavement, I noticed 2 things: Blood was dripping from my lip. My mind began flooding with negative thoughts. Some of the thoughts shocked me. You’re old. You’re…

There’s Nothing Wrong Here

“Just as the tides have their rhythms, so does human behavior have its own predictable rhythms. As the child grows older, “good” ages alternate with “bad”; times of equilibrium alternate with times of disequilibrium; and periods when behavior tend to be expansive and outgoing alternate with periods when everything seems to be pulled in.”  Louise…

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