How to Tame Your Thought Monster Book


5-part mindfulness curriculum that supports adults and children in feeling better and doing better.

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How To Tame Your Thought Monster is the original and complete mind-body curriculum for anxious and worried adults and kids developed and written by Katie McClain,SEP. This 5-part mindfulness curriculum teaches tools to improve the way you think, feel, and act so you can feel better and get better results in life. Working through the tools and simple steps in this curriculum will help you shift to more positive thoughts which translates to better feelings and behaviors. The curriculum includes a simple 5-part model and activities along with fun characters and goofy (non-scary) monsters to help ditch drama and create positive change in mind and body.

In this full, original edition, you’ll enjoy relatable explanations of all the tools and concepts which supports integration and deeper understanding of the material.

With each purchase of How to Tame Your Thought Monster or the related Tame Your Thought Monster coloring books purchased here on my site, you’ll receive downloadable worksheets, bonus activities, mp3s, and videos.

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