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Tame Your Thought Monster: Color, Learn & Feel-Good Book for Kids of all Ages!

The coloring book contains lots of fun (non-scary) monsters for coloring and the exercises to help kids learn the no-drama, no-worry, more-happiness concepts so they can feel better and do better.

Get the coloring book version of How to Tame Your Thought Monster for kids of all ages! (recommended for age 8 and up)

Includes all the concepts and activities from How to Tame Your Thought Monster plus bonus activities!

Tame Your Thought Monster is condensed to deliver just the concepts, activities and coloring fun and was created with kids in mind.

Apply the ideas from Tame Your Thought Monster and your kids will experience less anxiety and stress.

(improve behavior at home and school, increase kindness for self and others, and feel more happiness.)

  • Overcome tough circumstances with Charlie the Robot
  • Meet your Thought Monster
  • Manage your feelings with the Find-Your-Feeling Ladder
  • Find your own super hero powers with Action Annie
  • Be the Magician in your life!

Includes lots of fun activities and “play” sheets so you and your kids can be more confident and enjoy more happiness in life.

Tame Your Thought Monster Coloring Books

Get the coloring book version for your kids!

How to Tame Your Thought Monster Books

(Available in three versions all in glorious color.)





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Kinds words about How to Tame Your Thought Monster

Stacey Shanks

Stacey Shanks


“Katie’s book, How to Tame Your Thought Monster, is a keeper! I recommend it for teachers, parents, and any professional that works with children. She takes some of the most challenging situations, puts them into a model, and busts them up! I wish I had this material when I was younger! I use this model personally and with my teen boys.” Founder, Youth Yoga School

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