Somatic First Aid

A few years ago, I fell and hit my head.

As an SEP, I understood what to do to help myself recover from the trauma. Instead of being picked up right away, I asked my caring supporters to wait.

I let my body and nervous system settle and when I felt ready, I was helped up and settled into a safe place. My husband took me to the E.R. 🏥 In the E.R., I noticed one of my arms trembling and shaking. I didn’t try to stop that from happening. I realized that it was self-protective movement and excess survival energy that my body was trying to process.

I stayed present with it while my body shook, tingled & trembled. Whenever the movements subsided and came back, I remained present and allowed them to process. 🧠 I learned I had a mild concussion.

🏡 Once I was home, I rested. I didn’t push myself. I gave my brain time to heal. My Somatic Experiencing practitioner helped me release remaining survival energy. She supported me in fully releasing the fear I had from the accident. Healing can take longer if we are saddled with the fear from the experience.

Ingredients of a successful trauma recovery:

❥ If it’s safe to do so, take your time moving, getting up or shifting your body after the event.

❥ As soon as possible, connect with someone safe.

❥ Allow your body to shake, tremble, tingle, and release shock and survival energy.

❥ Use the SE SCOPE tool: 🌱

❥ Seek support from a Somatic Experiencing practitioner.

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