How To Get Out Of Your Head

Did you know that your brain unconsciously makes meaning of what your body is sensing/feeling?

Often the brain will ‘make up’ unhelpful stories and painful thoughts to explain what’s happening inside us.

Perhaps, like me, you got really good as a kid at “figuring things out” in order to stay safe? As the 5th in a family of 6 kids, I was really good at untangling the best ways to stay safe. This was helpful, but ultimately became a way that keeps me stuck in my head or at the very least, not as fully present as I can be.

Many factors go into meaning-making processes including the voices of parents and caregivers you heard; difficult experiences in life; or unconscious strategies that your body developed to keep you safe.

Unconscious patterns that came about to keep us safe when we are kids can lose their effectiveness as we move into adulthood.

Some try all-the-things to distract and make spinning thoughts stop. This is usually only temporary relief.

One of the most effective tools I’ve found, especially when you’re in your head going round and round with painful thoughts is to… SHIFT YOUR ATTENTION.

Here are some steps you can try when your mind is holding you hostage:

Shift your attention from your head/thoughts/body out into your surroundings.

Shift your attention to your in and out breaths. No need to change how you breathe, just follow the breath in and out.

Shift your attention from your thoughts, down into your body. Try to find the emotion or sensation related to the thought and simply sit with it.

Take control of your inner narrative and find peace amidst the chaos. Shift your focus, shift your life.

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