The Body Never Lies is Inaccurate

Our bodies can miscue. Another way to say this is that we may have learned to misread our body’s cues and not know how to make sense of certain sensations or feelings we experience.

Reasons for this are varied but a common one is mis-attunement in early life. Caregivers in babyhood are meant to respond to us in safe ways that teach us how to understand our sensations. 

We learn this by watching caregivers and also in how they respond to us. Sensations and flutters and rumbles and sounds in the tummy can mean we’re hungry, digesting, nauseous and many other things. Our caregiver was meant to help us learn what each sensation means and how to respond to it.

Ideally, we are gently supported in figuring out what our sensations mean as well as supported in what to do and how to respond to those sensations. There are many more sensations we experience in the body and our community and caregivers as we grow help us to understand and respond appropriately.

If no one helped us understand, we can have beliefs about what we’re feeling that are not accurate. We may become fearful of the things we notice in our body. Not understanding the sensations we feel can lead to hypervigilance. 👁️‍🗨️

One thing you can try if you find yourself hyper-focused on the sensations you experience is to Zoom Out. Zoom out with your attention to bring your awareness further away from the sensations that you are fixated on. Take a moment to notice how that is different. You can also ZOOM OUT with your attention to bring awareness to more of your body or to your body and your surroundings.

What else helps? A skilled somatic practitioner can help us learn what we may have missed or help us to understand that certain cues from the body are perhaps not as scary as we may have once believed. 🌬️

Your body has loads of valuable information for you. A skilled guide can support you with feeling better on your journey. 

Cheering for you. 💖

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