Strong, the Trauma Vortex is.

Practice mindfulness, embodiment, and other somatic exercises to heal because the trauma vortex is strong.

In Somatic Experiencing (SE), the Trauma Vortex metaphor is used to describe the shock of a situation that was too much or too fast for our nervous system. This shock takes us outside of our normal resilience (which varies for everyone) and leaves a vortex of high arousal.

A feature of vortices is that it draws or pulls things to its center. The trauma vortex pulls our attention and we can become immersed or overcome by memories, emotions, and sensations of past, painful experience(s).

SE also teaches the Counter Vortex. This healing vortex is present within our normal life experience. The counter vortex in us is the health that is in our system – really, there is health in you! The counter or healing vortex is the present moment; a safe-enough loved one; a pleasant sensation or memory. The counter vortex may start small, but we can build upon it with practice through SE, mindfulness, yoga, Tai Chi, embodiment exercises, resourcing, and any other practice that brings us into the present moment where we know and can feel that we are safe and the trauma is over.

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